Admission policy

To apply for the Business Incubator and Accelerator Program at MAUNA Entrepreneur Support SPC, an applicant business must meet the following criteria:


A business start-up, in operation for less than 3 years. But it is to be noted that  the maximum incubation period duration of a Startup under an Incubator is two years.

Participants who have no or limited experience in running a business.

Registered as an Individual enterprise or Company Commercial Registrations (ICR and CCR).


A company that has undergone substantial change in ownership or business model within one year of application date.

Should not be:

Bahraini or Foreign Holding companies

Branches of Foreign Companies with annual revenue exceeding BD 1 million, and more than 50 employees globally.

Foreign companies bidding for Government or Private Sector contracts.

Bahraini or Foreign contracting and construction Companies.

Bahraini or Foreign companies where the primary activity is Sale/Trade.


A home-based business that is ready to transition to a professional environment.

A company which will utilize their space at the Incubator solely for the Research and Development of a new and innovative product or service.

Bahraini Companies with an existing CR that wants to relocate or “Change Commercial Registration address” to an Incubator to avail and benefit from Incubation and acceleration services. However, companies may only "Change Address” during their 12 months of registration.

Must agree and sign a “Service Agreement”.

Complete an application form and detailed business synopsis.