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Consulting with a purpose…

Here at Mauna SPC your’re more then just a client, your’re family. Through training programs, mentorship, and networking we will ensure you have the knowledge and tools to flourish. Our mission is not only to bring your dreams into fruition, but to ensure your business is competitive and productive. Our Incubator and Accelerator Center will stimulate the development of your startup or young company by providing an array of resources and services.




Strategic Services

We will help you outline what you want to achieve for your business, and plan details on how you will achieve those goals through business and marketing plans.

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Business Operation services

Mauna Support will assist you in setting up your business by helping you process all licensing paperwork required. Entrepreneurs also will be provided with office space with access to conference room, on-site support, and free internet.


Legal Services

We will provide assistance in any business contracts, employment agreements, trademark or intellectual property handling to ensure that you are in regulatory compliance with government requirements.


Accounting and financial MANAGEMENT services

Mauna Support will aid you in monthly filing and end of the year tax filing. We also can assist you in P&L statements, employee payrolls, and quarterly reports.


Training Services

We provide training over all aspects of business including:

-Leadership skills

-Business planning

-Personnel management

-Finance management, etc.

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