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We’ve treated students as individuals, and tailored our tutoring programs to fit their unique needs, academic goals and schedules. The best part? Our tutoring center is proven to accelerate academic results, so you can trust us to help your child succeed.


We understand that one size does not fit all students. Our 4-step approach truly sets our programs apart — and we have decades of experience, and countless success stories to prove it. If your student needs a tutor who can provide personalized, one-on-one attention, come to our learning center to find out how we can help enrich his or her academic journey.

Test Prep With Mauna NTC Is The Best

Students have a lot of tests to prepare for: SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP exams and state standardized test, just to name a few. Mauna NTC offers test prep tutoring to students of all grade levels, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and one-on-one support they need to succeed. The goal is to get into the college of your dreams, and our teacher experts are there with you every step of the way.

SAT Prep

Score big with SAT prep sessions at Mauna NTC. Our tutors will create a specific program that will fix your weaknesses, from focusing on subjects that need improvement to preparing for your test environment and avoid test anxiety. We’ll also make sure to keep you sharp on your strong points. Walk into your SAT test day confident that you’re going to get that high score. 

ACT Prep

Trust Mauna NTC to bring great results for the ACT. You need a great score to get accepted to your desired college, and we can help! Mauna NTC will identify your weak points and give you the best options on how to fix them. We have every resource you can imagine working for you to get the highest test score. Stand out from everyone else when you apply to college.

SAT Subject Prep

Many colleges require or recommend taking the SAT Subject Tests. Scoring well on these tests are important if you want to be competitive when applying to the schools on your list.  Mauna NTC knows all about the schools that you want to get into. We’ll help you choose which subject tests will be the best for you to take then make sure you get a great score on test day.


With over $100 Million in scholarships for students who score well on the PSAT. Our proven test prep programs are focused and flexible, all with one goal, to prepare you for test day and a high score.

AP Exam Prep

Mauna NTC can help you with your AP Exams, giving you a leg up in college applications and possibly getting some college credit. Our tutors will outline the best path to that will not only result in high scores on the AP exams, but also give you skills that will stay with you through college. 

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