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Mauna Services specializes in providing mission critical/ life support services to government and commercial organizations, We do this based on the combined experience, knowledge and skills of our management team which consist of both military service veterans and individuals with international business experience. 

Mauna Services has partnered with many local businesses, creating economic growth in the community while encouraging international relations. Through continuous innovation, we offer modern, productive solutions that are as unique as the clients we serve.

We are committed in giving each client superior customer service, along with our full support. While providing assistance throughout the partnership and opening doors to our additional resources, we encourage a beneficial symbiotic relationship.


Mauna Car Rental features dedicated car rental professionals with experience in matching specific needs to a wide variety of clients. The company services both local and international clientele, providing a large variety vehicle rentals including:







Alleviate the hassles of private fleets by letting Mauna Services run your transportation for you. Gone are the headaches of driver retention, insurance, and maintenance. With a reliable fleet we can simplify your transportation operations and seamlessly integrate into your distribution operation with services such as:

  • Small package (LTL) services.

  • On-time and reliable truckload services

  • Truckload and half truckload service to any point in the Middle East

  • Dry freight, food products, and hazardous material loads


Mauna Services Equipment Rental serves as a vital and trusted partner for a great deal of customers in the industrial, governmental, and construction business across the Middle East.

Whether your project is big or small, we have the equipment to help. We also offer competitive rates for your weekly, monthly, or yearly requirements. Our equipment rentals include:

Generators                             Light-Towers                       Bulldozers                         Bobcats                        Excavators                 Jackhammers    Forklifts                                  Extendable Booms             Graders                              Loaders                        Cranes                       Concrete Mixers  Concrete Pumps                   Dump Trucks                       Water Trucks                     Black Water Trucks     Trucks                        Flatbeds      Low-beds


Here at Mauna we believe that providing quality contracting services not only benefit our clients, but the community as well. Through the talent and commitment of our employees and partners, you can rest assured that your project will surpass expectations. Services include:

  • Design and Construction of

    • Residential and Commercial Buildings

    • Office and Public Buildings

    • Villas

  • Civil

    • Internal Roads, Grading, Fencing, Lighting & Pathways

    • Piling works, Excavation and civil works

    • Site / Yard Development

  • Labor Camps and Warehouses

    • Construction of Man Camps

    • Construction of Staff Accommodation Projects

    • Warehousing and Storage facilities

  • Industrial Construction

    • Construction of Industrial Structures

    • Construction of Labour / Staff Accommodation Projects

  • Mechanical and Electrical

    • HVA

    • Plumbing

    • Construction & Industrial Installations and Commissioning (LV & HV)

    • Underground Cabling Work

    • Firefighting and Fire Alarms

    • Maintenance of electromechanical components

  • Security Barriers

    • Alaskan Barriers

    • Jersey Barriers

    • T Walls

    • Culverts


Our experience in supporting clients that operate in remote locations require a facility that enhance’s the morale and welfare of its workforce.

Harsh environments demand fully operational dining facilities, access to internet services, and medical aid. Along with other life support services we can design and build a life support model to fit your requirements. Additionally, we offer life support teams to execute the essential services for your company to operate in some degree of comfort and happiness in remote locations. Life support services we provide include:

  • Sponsorship Services

  • Housing Accommodation (permanent & temporary)

  • Catering Services

  • Security Services

  • Internet Services

  • Medical Aid Services

  • Utility Services

  • Vehicle Lease

  • Laundry Services.


Mauna Services is positioned today as one of the leading caterers of international, and local cuisines. Recognized for its taste, presentation and competitive pricing. Services provided by the company include preparation and delivery of meals, snacks and janitorial service in conjunction with our catering services at military and remote-site construction camps.